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“Angels help us to adore him”

The three days of reflection on the angels where a great blessing to everyone who took part and we are very grateful to Fr Ailbe O’Reilly for leading us to a greater love and appreciation of the presence of the angels in our Christian life. I was thinking of him this evening during “Songs of Praise” when we heard a most beautiful rendition of the hymn “Let all mortal flesh keep silence”. It is a hymn about the worship of the angels before the throne of God in heaven. It also speaks of the mystery of the Incarnation, “king of kings yet born of Mary”. Remember, Fr Ailbe told us that this was the truth that Lucifer and the fallen angels would not accept. This is why they “fell from heaven”. They would not serve God made man. They refused to worship Christ  and serve a God (the second person of the Trinity) who was made of flesh, given the fact that they were pure spirit and more intelligent than anything in the material universe. A sin of pure pride.

Consequently, the mystery of the Eucharist must also be totally abhorrent to the fallen angels given the fact that Christ gives himself in the most humble way imaginable, the simple form of bread and wine which is “our heavenly food”. God present in human flesh was hard enough for them to take but to accept the real presence of the God man in the Eucharist must have been right off the scale. Anyway, the hymn is about the good angels who worship Christ and also worship his presence in the Holy Eucharist.

I discovered today that the words of this hymn are taken from the Liturgy of the Eastern Church. They are from the 4th century “Liturgy of St James” which claims to be the oldest liturgy in continuous use in the history of the Church. So,  here is an English version by the Catholic artist, Robert Kochis:

Opening of Youth Village

St Robert’s Parish Morpeth offers it’s

warmest congratulations

to Fr Dermott and everyone at YMT

on the occasion of the opening of

the Diocesan Youth Village.

Fr Jim and myself had a smashing day participating in the Blessing and Opening of the Diocesan Youth Village. It was a day on which the whole diocese can be very proud. Having watched the development of YMT from the beginning some 15 years ago today was a real coming of age and a taking possession of the “promised land”.

I remember the humble origins of YMT in an old clapped out former OAP’s nursing home with leaky sewers at Heddon on the Wall. The place wasn’t fit for human habitation. From there they became nomads,  a travelling people with no fix abode, like the people of Israel wandering in the wilderness.

They stayed for a while at the old bishop’s house at Tynemouth. What a grotty hole that was! Living in rooms that hadn’t been lived in or touched for 40 years or more. From there they came on better times when they came to St Mary’s, Stockton and where I provided an overflow at English Martyrs presbytery. It was a pleasure to have them. Next, a bigger property became available at Blyth and Stockton was really sorry to let them go. The positive influence of YMT on the parishes of Stockton was tremendous and I will be forever grateful for all the help, friendship and support that Fr Dermott and YMT gave to me and my parish while we were together in Stockton. They were happy days!

YMT continued to grow and flourish at Blyth until the Lord decided to show them the promised land at a tiny place called Allensford, in the glorious county palatine of  Durham – the land of St Cuthbert. Indeed, YMT as well as imitating the people of Israel also imitated the haliwerfolc of old who accompanied the incorrupt  body of St Cuthbert on it’s wanderings over many years until they settled at the place that the Lord had chosen for them and there on a peninsula of land around a river they were to build what was to become an image of the new and eternal Jerusalem, a most magnificent Cathedral, the shrine of St Cuthbert and the “best building” in the whole of Europe.

Today, YMT look possession of the promised land and I hope and pray as do all of the parishoners of St Robert’s, that the Lord will bring YMT into a new season of abunance in the “land of milk and honey” and continue to enable them to build among young people that new Jerusalem in which Jesus is worshipped and adored.

The parishoners of St Robert’s are already very grateful for the faith affirmimg influence that YMT have had upon the young people of our parish and we look forward very much to working with YMT in the future.

Fr Lawrence Jones.

Here are some photo’s I took today:

Ant and Dec prepare to “Push The Button”  at the offical Opening.

It’s the same button from the TV series.

Ant, Bishop Ambrose, Bishop Seamus, Fr Dermott and Dec all push the button together.

Ballons and tinsel explode on the crowd.

The Youth Village is open and the journey in faith continues…

Triduum in Honour of the Archangels

A Holy Triduum in honour of the Archangels

Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

Mass every evening at 7pm

Monday July 5th to Wednesday July 7th

followed by a talk on one of the three Archangels


Fr Ailbe O’Reilly ORC

(Order of Canons Regular of the Holy Cross)

at St Robert’s, Oldgate, Morpeth

Fr Ailbe will examine the role of the angels in our lives and in the plan of salvation.

His talks will help us to deepen our relationship with these heavenly messengers and guardians.