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The New Translation of the Mass – some resources that may help!

These video’s are meant to help American teens cope with the new translation but everyone can benefit from them:

N.B. In the USA the new translation will not be introduced until Sunday 27th November.

This Irish video explains well the new response “and with your spirit” and other new phrases:

CLICK HERE for resources from the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle

CLICK HERE for resources from the Liturgy Office for England and Wales

CLICK HERE for an American Blog on the new translation (remember it’s not introduced in the USA until the end of November).

Music and the New Translation

If you are involved with music in the parish Fr Lawrence invites you to attend “Sing a New Song to the Lord” at St Bede’s Bedlington from 7.00pm to 9.00pm on Wednesday 19th October 2011. The evening will look at the new settings of music for the new translation.