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Promoting Vocations to the Priesthood

Priests’ Training Fund

Fr Lawrence writes “it’s no use just putting our hands in our pockets to support the training of priests, we also need to pray for vocations, and equally we need to encourage vocations. St Robert’s parish has not produced a vocation to the priesthood in over 50 years – and yet you expect the Church to supply you with a priest?  It’s a good job that a small mining community like my home town of Easington Colliery had a higher than average number of vocations to the priesthood, so that priests would be available for vocation wilderness parishes like Morpeth. So, we have a lot of catching up to do here in Morpeth! No doubt Bishop Seamus will soon be telling us more about the drive for vocations that will be taking place throughout the diocese. As part of this I will, as soon as we get back into church, resume our period of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, on a Thursday morning, after Mass, specifically for this intention.”

Here is some encouraging information from the National Vocation Office:

“Whilst people often believe that the number of priests in England and Wales is in decline, this is not a true picture. The decline from the 1950s to the 1990s in priestly vocations was in fact an adjustment from an anomaly. Factors within the Church and wider social factors led to an unusual surge in religious vocations in the mid twentieth century. The decline or adjustment was complete by the turn of the Millennium and during the last ten years, numbers entering diocesan seminary had doubled from its lowest point in 2001 and this increase has been sustained.”

Monthly Enquirers’ Evenings are held in the diocese at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Clayton Street West, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5HH. The next is on Wednesday 14th Nov 2012

Each evening begins at 7pm. 7pm-8pm Prayer and Reflection. 8pm – 9pm Meal

If you are interested speak to Fr Lawrence or Fr Jim, or CLICK HERE.

For more information on a national level  CLICK HERE for a webcast and podcast.

CLICK HERE for  England and Wales Vocations Office and CLICK HERE for UK Priest.

Here are some encouraging stories of vocation from further afield:

Redecoration and Refurbishment work continues…

A few weeks ago when the “protestant” cross above the arch was removed this is what was found beneath. The corpus (image of Christ) was found to have been painted on linen and then clued to the cross. Then, at some point, when the church was redecorated (and the wooden “protestant” cross  imposed) the image of Christ was stripped away. There is another Rood (Crucifixion Scene) beneath this which may be the original. In order to protect what remains a thin lining paper has been placed over the image before it has been repainted. In the future someone (with a lot of money) may wish to restore the original :

Here are the feet of the corpus:

The torso of the corpus:

The halo that originally contained the face of the corpus. Look closely and notice the weave of the linen cloth that has remained imprinted beneath but has been pulled away:

Now, in the sacristy – insulation is secured to the sealing:

And then boarded over:

Notice the extent of the scaffolding:

This is the painting work completed in the organ loft just beneath the bell tower (above the porch):

Plastering work to be completed in the porch before redecoration. This area was badly effected by damp:

Back in the sacristy – cupboards  are been made:

Painting here in the organ loft is completed:

The painting here is completed. No more “protestant” cross:

Now the scaffolding is been taken down: