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St Robert of Newminster Newsletter 21st April 2013

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St George’s Day

St George’s Day at St Robert’s was celebrated with tea, coffee and cakes after Mass. Pope Francis also celebrated St George’s Day in the Vatican. It is his “name day”. He was baptised George and as is the custom in many European and Latin American countries, they celebrate the feast of the saint that they are named after.

After celebrating Mass on St George’s Day, Pope Francis raises a glass for “God, Harry, England and St George”:







It’s a shame that we don’t make enough of our national patron saint here in England. It looks like we need to go to Ibiza if we want to celebrate it:

There will be a list at the back of church this weekend for those who want to sign up for St George’s Day Pilgrimage to Ibiza next year.

Divine Mercy Sunday

“And I understood that the greatest attribute of God is love and mercy. It unites the creature with the Creator. This immense love and abyss of mercy are made known in the Incarnation of the Word and in the Redemption [of humanity], and it is here that I saw this as the greatest of all God’s attributes.” ( Diary of St Faustina, 181)