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Pope Francis’ Pilgrimage to the Holy Land


Mass this Saturday morning (at 10.00am) is offered for the Lord’s blessing on the Pope’s Visit to the Holy Land this weekend. After Mass there will be the rosary and special prayers recommended by the Bishop’s of England and Wales.

Pope Francis said this week, that the first reason for going to the Holy Land, “is to meet my brother, Bartholomew,” the Orthodox patriarch of Constantinople, to mark the 50th anniversary of the meeting between Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras of Constantinople. The meeting launched a new era of ecumenical cooperation and dialogue.

“Peter and Andrew will meet once again, and this is very beautiful,” the pope said. Pope Francis is the successor of the apostle Peter and Patriarch Bartholomew the successor of his brother, the apostle Andrew.

The pope said the second reason for his trip is “to pray for peace in that land that suffers so much”. He asked all Catholics to pray for the success of the trip.

Here is a message from the Custus of the Holy Land. The Custus (Custodian) is the head of the Franciscan Order in the Holy Land who have custody and care of many of the Christian shrines:

What is the significance of the Patriarch of Constantinople?

Because of its historical location as the capital of the former Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire and its role as the Mother Church of most Orthodox churches, the Ecumenical Patriarchate has enjoyed the status of “first among equals” among the world’s Eastern Orthodox prelates. Unlike the Pope, he does not exercise control over the individual national churches, which are fully autonomous. He is, however, widely regarded as the representative and spiritual leader of the world’s 300 million Orthodox Christians.

The historic visit of  Pope Paul VI in 1964:



Thurs 22 May, 7:00pm, in the church HANDLING LIFE’S CHALLENGES

With international Mime Artist Steve Murray. Steve’s mimes are designed to inspire, encourage and challenge the heart for those who have faith and for those who are seeking.. For adults and teens. 

Steve Murray

Steve’s ministry began in 1997 when Steve finished his training in Los Angeles where he studied at the Mimeistry International School of Mime. Steve now lives in Chelmsford, Essex with his wife Debbie and 3 children. Steve’s mimes are designed to inspire, encourage and challenge. Many people have called an evening with Steve as a roller coaster of emotions, packed with laughter and tears. We are told we only retain 20% of what we hear but 80% of what we see. Mime takes the invisible and makes it visible, the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.  

A Season of Joy

CLICK HERE for information about the Season of Joy

Fri 16 May, 3:15pm, in the Parish Hall


With Mr David Payne. An inspiring session of testimony, humour and practical help for everyone, starting with a cream tea. A crèche will be available for children.  Open to all.

Fri 16 May, 7:00pm, in the church


With David Payne. Followed by refreshments.

(Repeat of the afternoon session). Open to all.

 Dave Payne

David Payne is the Director of Catholic Evangelisation Services based in the Westminster Diocese near London. They produce the widely used CaFE (Catholic Faith Exploration)  DVD resources which are used in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. David is an ex-drug addict who found freedom in Christ 25 years ago and since then has been helping Christians find fullness of life in the Holy Spirit. He is an inspiring and entertaining speaker and retreat giver and author of ALIVE, DARE TO BELIEVE & STRENGTH TO STRENGTH. He is married to Giovanna and they have 3 teenage children.

 This Season of Joy takes it’s inspiration from the Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis “The Joy of the Gospel”. You may not have the time to read the whole document but perhaps you can spare 8 minutes to listen to Fr Robert Barron’s summary: