Thurs 22 May, 7:00pm, in the church HANDLING LIFE’S CHALLENGES

With international Mime Artist Steve Murray. Steve’s mimes are designed to inspire, encourage and challenge the heart for those who have faith and for those who are seeking.. For adults and teens. 

Steve Murray

Steve’s ministry began in 1997 when Steve finished his training in Los Angeles where he studied at the Mimeistry International School of Mime. Steve now lives in Chelmsford, Essex with his wife Debbie and 3 children. Steve’s mimes are designed to inspire, encourage and challenge. Many people have called an evening with Steve as a roller coaster of emotions, packed with laughter and tears. We are told we only retain 20% of what we hear but 80% of what we see. Mime takes the invisible and makes it visible, the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.  

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