Feast of St Benedict (11th July)

St Benedict is a very important saint for our parish. St Robert and the Cistercian Order to which he belonged adhered strictly to the Rule of St Benedict. For 400 years this rule was kept by the monks of Newminster Abbey. The life of the monks came to an end in 1537 when the monastery was dissolved on the orders of Henry VIII. During the Protestant Reformation the Catholic faith was outlawed. It was not until 1777 or 1778 when Mass began to be celebrated again in a house on Bullers Green. It was served by the Jesuit priest at Longhorsley. The first priest to actually live in Morpeth since 1537 was the Benedictine, Fr Charles Thomas Turner, who established a Chapel in St Bede’s Place, Oldgate. The Benedictines were to serve the Catholic faithful in Morpeth until 1969. A total of 187 years. When we include the 400 years of the Cistercians at Newminster we are talking of about 587 years of the rule of St Benedict being lived out here in Morpeth. So, you see how important St Benedict is to our parish. Today let us remember especially the Benedictines of Douai Abbey and Ampleforth Abbey who served this parish so faithfully for 187 years.
Here are some modern Benedictines: