First Communication

Dear Parishioners,

Welcome to St Robert’s Website, this is my first attempt at this type of technology. I am starting off very simply and slowly. You will have to be patient.

If this is to work I will need the help of those of you who have IT skills. Please contact me at Also, I need the help of those of you involved in parish organisations so that you can all have a page or link on the website. I would be grateful if the following could send me a summary of what their group does and any information you would want to be put on the website. A photo would be good (if there are children on the photo we need the written permission of parents). A contact number or email for the group would also be helpful but the person concerned must consent to this.

So, could these groups please send information:
Folk group
Children’s Liturgy

God Bless,

Fr Lawrence.

4 thoughts on “First Communication

  1. Shelagh Doherty

    Congratulations on a super site. Pentecost and Mahler were a real surprise!!!

    Keep going!

    Love, thanks and prayer

    Shelagh Doherty D.W.

  2. Heather Conrad

    Look forward to hearing more about what is happening at St. Robert’s and keeping in touch.

  3. Bernadette Lawson

    A fantastic website, full of information and entertainment (music so far has been wonderful) It’s great to read your parish news too. Hope the walk to the Abbey went well.
    Bernadette (Northern Cross)

  4. John Ratcliff

    A good start to the site. I particularly liked the Regina Caeli Laetare. Perhaps if we get a few more in the choir this year… who knows where it will take us?!

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