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Welcome to the website of the Roman Catholic Parish of St Robert of Newminster, Morpeth

The Parish Priest is Fr Peter J Stott

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St Robert’s is a Gem Church, which is normally open for worship and quiet prayer during daylight hours.  However because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic we are unable to open our church at the moment and apologise to all those who wish to visit our lovely church.

Morpeth is the County Town of Northumberland. It is a small market town situated in South Northumberland on the banks of the River Wansbeck and St Robert of Newminster Church stands in a beautiful spot next to the river.

St Robert of Newminster Parish shares it’s site with St Robert’s First School and has active Catholic Women’s League, St Vincent de Paul and Catenian groups running.

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Brinkburn Partnership, Northumberland

Incorporating the Parishes of

Amble:                  The Sacred Heart and St Cuthbert

Ashington:             St Aidan

Bedlington:            St Bede

Longhorsley:         St Thomas of Canterbury

Morpeth:               St Robert of Newminster

STATEMENT: National Lockdown: Closure of Churches

In light of the current serious and worsening situation of the coronavirus, the government’s advice to all people is very clear – ‘stay at home’ and limit our contact with other households.  This is today reiterated by scientists and Directors of Public Health across the country.

In response, the priests of the Brinkburn Partnership have come to a very difficult and painful decision that the churches in our Partnership will be closed – except for funerals – until the current National Restrictions are lifted.

The warnings about the highly contagious nature of the new strain of COVID-19 are quite stark.  Medical Officers and Public Health Directors have spoken of how this situation is going to worsen significantly over the coming weeks and that as many people as possible must stay at home at this time.

On March 20th 2020, our churches were closed when the first national lockdown was announced.  The situation with the virus and the new variant strain is worse now than it was at the very beginning.

While churches in England may remain open for public Mass and other Services, it is wrong to continue to ask volunteer stewards, cleaners and others taking part in Mass to risk their health or be the potential cause of others being infected.

We also have a moral duty not to do anything that would endanger the staff in our hospitals and the limited facilities of the NHS. As the clear message from health officials is that this already dangerous situation is going to get worse over the coming weeks, we see no alternative but to close the churches immediately.

We will review this decision on a regular basis but we expect this closure to be in effect until the National lockdown restrictions are lifted.


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Your Weekly Offering

During this time of not being able to attend Public Masses, you may be wondering about what to do about your weekly offering to the Church.  You can drop off your weekly envelope through the letterbox of the Presbytery;  you can keep your offering until such time that we are once again back to attending Church; or to make your life much easier, you could complete a Standing Order Mandate, where you ask your bank to take your collection amount out of your account and pay it directly into the Parish Account.  If you wish to do this, a copy of the Mandate is available here to download, complete and post to your bank.  Copies are also available in Church.

PDF version Morpeth Standing Order Mandate

Another way of making your weekly offering is direct via BACS.  You can go online to your Bank account and make an online payment.  Send an email to the parish email address and a link will be forwarded for you to follow to make a BACS payment.


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