Catenians Bursary Fund

Bursary Fund

This charitable fund fulfils one of the Catenians’ original core aims: “to advance the interests of young Catholics and to assist them in their choice or pursuit of their career’.

Helping young people discover themselves while helping others, The Catenian Bursary Fund helps Catholics aged 16 to 24 take part in community-based projects at home and abroad, which have a clear benefit for others as well as for the participant.  Applicants for grants do not need to have any connection to a member of the Catenian Association.

Grants are made to contribute to necessary travel and living costs, which may be incurred by taking part in a voluntary project. Grants are never made to cover the whole cost.

Morpeth Circle

Following 11am Mass on Sunday 3rd June 2012 at St Bede’s, in Bedlington, former Provincial President Ralph Simpson presented three bursary cheques to Rebecca and Laura Johnston and Beth Lacy in front of the congregation. They each received £250 from the Bursary Fund towards their expenses for their follow up visit to the orphanage in Bulgaria. Last year Rebecca and Beth, who were then presented with £500 each, spent six months at the Maria Luiza Children’s Home in a small Bulgarian village called Buzovgrad near Kazanlak. This year Rebecca’s 17 year old sister has accompanied them as they return for a shorter stay. They have volunteered to give a talk on their experiences to Morpeth Circle on their return.