Restoration & Reordering: Weeks 2-3

On Sunday 26th August all three Masses were celebrated at St George’s URC on Bridge Street.  9am Mass began with some words of welcome from the minister, Ron Foster, who spoke warmly of his fondness for Catholic liturgy and presented Fr Lawrence with the order of service from a Solemn Latin Mass he had recently attended!

St George’s set up for Mass:

Mass at 9am continues to be celebrated at St George’s but at 11am and 7pm we are now in St Robert’s school hall.  We are very grateful to the headmistress and staff of St Robert’s First School, especially the caretaker, for giving his time on a Friday evening to set out chairs for us.  Meanwhile, in the last two weeks work in the church has progressed, beginning with the removal of the statues and protection being applied to the floor so that scaffolding could be erected.

Although they have now been transferred to a secure location to await cleaning, the statues were initially arrayed around the high altar like a phalanx of holy warriors:

Preparations complete, scaffolding is now being erected and restoration work will begin properly next week.

Scaffolding from the West end:

Scaffolding from the East (sanctuary) end:

Until the church reopens in Advent it is an official building site – for your safety please DO NOT ENTER the site. 

Please continue to pray for the successful and timely completion of the restoration and reordering of our church.  Pray especially this week for our success at the Historic Churches Committee meeting on Wednesday 12th, when our proposal to use the altar rails to adorn the high altar will be considered once again.

Addendum (Wednesday 12th September): The Historic Churches Committee was not quorate when it met and so the decision was postponed to another meeting.

In the coming months we can take consolation in the presence of Christ among his people presented in this beautiful window at St George’s based on Mt 14.27.

The disciples are in a boat on the sea of Galilee and are experiencing difficulty because of a storm. Jesus comes towards them walking on the lake and he says to them:

  “Take heart; it is I; Be not afraid”

St Robert of Newminster, ora pro nobis!