St Robert of Newminster Icon

Step 1, two coats of animal glue to back of board , leave to dry overnight.


Step 2, two coats of animal glue applied to front of frame panel and left to dry overnight:

Icon 2















Step 3,  a layer of muslin cloth applied to panel with hot glue and left to dry for 24 hours. This will give a good surface to fix the plaster gesso (white chalky paint):

Icon 3

Message from Cath Ferguson, the Iconographer (12th May):

I have finished gessoing (white chalk paint) the board, sanded it smooth, traced the drawing and transferred it to the board. I have sealed the area to be gilded and painted it a vermilion red to give a warm glow to the gold. I have traced St. Robert’s name either side of his head.



































































































The finished Icon

New St Robert Icon 011