The Baptism of Jade Carmichael and some video clips from the recent Young Adults Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

This is the video of the Baptism of Jade Carmichael, from Mitford, by Bishop Seamus Cunningham and assisted by Fr Mark Lydon Smith on the 28th February 2012 at the very same place where Christ was baptised in the river Jordan. Jade received the Sacrament of Confirmation here at St Robert’s at the Easter Vigil. Again, this is the Young Adults Pilgrimage. This is about 5 .30am watching the sunrise over the Sea of Galilee. A great moment to remember the Resurrection of Jesus:

This is a clip of our journey on the boat on the Sea of Galilee:

This is a very embarrassing clip of Fr Lawrence sitting on a massage chair at our hotel by the Sea of Galilee: